Plan, sabotage, steal, make and mix. Show off your skills in this colorful, thematic, and ruthless game.



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Game Design: Gerardo Whiu

Artworks: Deni Rizkito

Weight: 2.33 / 5 (BGG)


  • Eurogame

  • Card game

  • Memory

  • Economic

Tattoo Brawl is a lightweight and highly themed Euro game for players who enjoy limited resource management, crucial decision making, beautiful artwork, easy rules, and sabotage rival players from time to time.

Picking the right combination of ink and tattoo style, players rush to obtain the best score making the most difficult and unique tattoos – often sabotaging their rival tattoo artists.

Yet they must also know the clients’ personalities to choose the best human canvas where they will capture their art.

Each player can make up to 4 actions per turn; take ink, select tattoo designs, or choose clients. The game ends when a player reaches the finished tattoo goal, and the player with the highest number of victory points wins!


1 x Rulebook 5 Languages

4 x Double layer Player boards

4 x Wood Action tokens

21 x Client cards

1 x Tattoo Machine standee

7 x Cardboard Skill tokens

27 x Tattoo tiles

44 x Cardboard Coins

30 x Metal Coins (Deluxe Only)

1 x Cloth Bag (Deluxe Only)

41 x Wood Ink tokens

Cardboard printed inset (Retail Only)

7 x Character Standees

8 x Mission tokens

7 x Scratcher cards


Metal coins

In Tattoo Brawl one of the main components is money since you will constantly be buying resources and improvements. This is why these metal coins will change your gaming experience.

The bag Includes 30 coins of three different denominations engraved from one side.

Standee pack

This mini-expansion includes a new game mode where you start with your character as a novice artist or Scratcher.

In the beginning, your character will not have his special abilities of the original character cards, which you will have to achieve by performing any of the available missions. Once a mission is completed, you must place your standee and you can change your scratcher card for your original character card to obtain their special abilities.

The available missions are:

  • Mix 3 inks of the same color

  • Finish 2 tattoos in the same body part

  • Steal 2 clients

  • Finish a tattoo of your style