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Tattoo Brawl

2-4 players | 50 - 70 minutes | ages 14+

Designed by Gerardo Whiu

Tattoo Brawl is a strategic, ruthless and exciting game with an original theme and splendid artwork.

The Ink King wants to discover who all over the world is the best tattoo artist. He has assembled the best tattooists in the world and now it's time to face each other in a Tattoo Brawl.


As a tattoo artist, you want to make the best tattoos and prove that you’re the best in the Tattoo studio. But for that, you'll have to show your skills when mixing ink, getting clients and making tattoos.

Cardboard insert.

The game is very language-neutral but we have decided to translate the rule book in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

For the moment you can find it in English and Spanish, the other translations will be done at the end of the campaign.